a weekend in the berkshires

for those of you who follow me on instagram, you probably already saw that cian and i spent last weekend at the cutest inn in lenox, massachusetts. i reserved the ‘bluebird"‘ room for us as cian’s christmas present (although, i definitely enjoyed it just as much as if it was my own present) for saturday night so that we could go skiing in the berkshires all weekend. this was obviously before i knew a snowstorm was going to hit on this exact weekend, so that was just a bonus!


when we arrived at the inn at around 1:30-2:00pm, i was smiling from ear to ear. i had looked at a bunch of pictures of the place before booking, but it’s charm was even better than i anticipated. it was straight out of gilmore girls and i was so happy about it! cian loved it too because it was just so cozy, out of the ordinary, and the woman who ran it was the sweetest. we unpacked a few of our things, walked around the place a little bit and decided to go into town to grab a late lunch. we ended up at haven, a cafe that really good reviews online, and it did not disappoint! the atmosphere was organic and homey, and the food was fresh and delicious. we took our time eating and catching up (cian had worked a lot over the past few weeks so we hadn’t seen much of each other). then we went back to the inn to have tea by the fire!


when we checked in earlier that day with the mentality that we would ski later, our minds were changed when the woman who ran the inn told us about a full moon hike that was happening later that night. it started with a snowshoe hike through an apple orchard which ended with a bon fire, then followed by wine tasting and live music inside! cian and i both, without hesitation, knew we wanted to do that instead of ski. we wanted to step out of our comfort zone and try something new, especially when this hike sounded like the perfect berkshire experience. and it sure was!

i was excited to snowshoe, as i had never done it before. it’s actually very easy, and the main purpose is to just provide traction and prevent you from slipping and sliding all over the place in the snow. throughout the kind, our guide would stop every now and then and talk about the history of the area, and to reflect on what this year’s first full moon meant. although it was freezing, it was a really cool experience. we headed back toward the bottom of the orchard where a bonfire was blazing and waiting for us. when we go there, we took out the two pieces of paper that the guide had given us before we set out - one was for something we wanted to get rid of in our lives, and the other for something we wanted to add. we each threw the pieces of paper into the fire, one at a time to symbolize the items we chose leaving and entering our lives. once our frozen faces, fingers and toes got a little feeling back in them from the fire, we headed inside for some wine and music!


we shed our layers and cian and i headed straight to the wine tasting where we were told to choose 6 wines on the list. we carefully chose our 6 and awaited our first pour. it wasn’t one either of us chose, but we took it anyway, smiling at one another. to speed this post up, the owner of the orchard just kept pouring the wines and we ended up tasting every single one on the list! needless to say, cian and i started to get a little tipsy and the oyster crackers that were intended to be palette cleansers weren’t cutting it. so we headed back toward the inn and the center of lenox to find a bite to eat.

we ended up at a tapas and wine bar, which was one of the only restaurants left open at that time of night - 9:00pm. i should note that the snow storm had started right when we arrived at the orchard, so by the time we got back to lenox to find a restaurant, there were barely any people out and about or cars on the roads. but it all worked out for the best, because the food was amazing! check out the menu here.

oh! i almost forgot. as we drove into town from the orchard, cian was hesitant to park anywhere in the snow and didn’t want to take a chance with his car getting towed, so he decided that we’d just bring the car back to the inn which was just down the hill, and we would walk to dinner. so that’s what we did but somehow the walk turned into a jog/run up the hill cause we were being silly from all the wine tasting. i couldn’t breathe when we got to the top of the hill and both of us started cracking up as we tried to catch our breath.


after our bellies were full, we made the walk back to the inn and tucked ourselves into our cozy bed and fell right asleep. when we woke up, we packed our bags and enjoyed a homemade breakfast of french toast, fresh fruit, deviled eggs and coffee. then, we hit the slopes in all the snow that we got overnight! it was actually very hard for me to ski in because i’m not used to all that fresh new snow. but we had a blast just the two of us, and once we had had enough of the cold, we drove down to cian’s parents house to surprise his dad for the patriots game. super bowl here we come!

if you’re interested in making a trip to the berkshires, i would highly recommend the inn that we stayed at! it was reasonably priced and so close to the town center filled with shops and restaurants. take me back!

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