a weekend in new york


i’m back in action thanks to black friday’s deals cause i got myself a brand spankin’ new laptop! it feels so so good to have a personal computer again and to be able to edit all of my pictures. not to mention to be blogging again! i hope everyone had a fantastic thanksgiving, and i’ll be posting about mine shortly. but for this post, i wanted to share my weekend in new york city with dani!

as many of you know, either through knowing me personally, or following me on instagram, dani and i have been best friends ever since we met freshman year of college as roommates. every year we try to get together either in new york or boston, usually around our birthdays - dani’s is october 16th, mine the 19th. it’s been quite a few years since i made the trip to new york, so i was so excited that we were able to make the first weekend in november work, jake and cian included! even though it was a few weeks after our birthdays, we celebrated anyway, just as best friends should.

we arrived early saturday morning in harlem where we’d be staying at jake’s apartment for the weekend. i had never been to harlem before so it was really cool to experience a new borough of the city. cian hasn’t been to NYC in a very long time, and has only (unfortunately) seen the touristy parts. ever since i’ve known dani, i’ve been able to see the city through her eyes which has greatly improved my perception of it because i was never really a fan. although i still prefer boston for multiple reasons, NYC has really grown on me over the last few years - and all thanks to dani!

we spent the day walking all around the city. our day started at the bryant park shops where they have a bunch of cute little vendors set up to get a jump on your christmas shopping. we poked around the huts, seeing if anything caught our eye. dani and jake told us about this chocolate store that had melt-in-your-mouth chocolates where they tell you to let the piece of candy sit on your tongue and just let it dissolve in your mouth - no chewing allowed! i knew i wanted to try it out, even though i’m not the biggest chocolate lover out there. but yummmmmmy it was very tasty, and awfully creamy and satisfying as it dissolved on my tongue. after that, cian and i also tried dō for the first time. it’s a safe-to-eat cookie dough vendor that i’ve heard a lot about and wanted to try at one point when i visited the city. so it was perfect that there was a little shop right there as opposed to having to go to the actual store where dani said there’s always a line out the door! cian and i decided to keep things simple and ordered the traditional chocolate chip. it was delicious!


after we had our fill of the little shops, we headed to lunch, walking through hell’s kitchen to get there. we were going to my favorite restaurant in the city - pio pio. it’s a Peruvian place with the most delectable food. i crave it every time i visit, and i consider to be one of “our spots.” in past years, dani and i always went to the small location not far from NYU, but this time we went to their bigger location which had the coolest atmosphere! we ordered a ton of food and had no trouble finishing almost all of it. with our bellies full, we continued our stroll through the city, including central park. cian and i could not have asked for a more perfect day, just walking around chatting with our best friends, seeing a city we’ve only been to together once before. as we walked through the streets, jake and i kept pointing out all of the architecture that caught our eyes. it’s one of my favorite things in this world. i fell in love with the brick building below and wanted to move in immediately! before heading back to jake’s apartment to relax and get ready for dinner, we stopped into madewell where i picked up these perfect booties that i’ve had my eye on for a long time! my last little birthday present.


to end the day, we went to dinner and met some of dani and jake’s friends. the eight of us enjoyed our food and drinks, laughing and getting to know each other. it was the perfect end to the perfect day because we all hit it off so well! it made me so happy to have such an easy, carefree visit to the city, especially because i’ve always associated it with craziness and stress. i bought cian comedy show tickets for his christmas present, so we’re headed back in february for the show and making a weekend out of it! see you soon nyc.

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