a new-and-improved logo


the title of this post should really be “a new-and-extremely-improved” logo. when i created this site using this platform, i was still very much learning the ropes and figuring out how i wanted to set everything up. what would be most visually appealing? do i even need a logo right now? i was also really struggling to land on an identity - caley noble vs. balance, love, simplicity. the more i got going with content and writing, the clearer it became that my brand is definitely me - caley noble! with balance, love simplicity as my tagline/motto/vision statement.

to give a little bit of background for those of you who don’t know me all that well, caley is my first name and noble is my middle name. it came from my great great grandpa, and i was the only other person in my family to carry that name, until my third cousin, jackson, was born a few years ago. i thought it was so cool when my cousin kevin gave him noble as his middle name. it just seemed so special. when i was young and growing up, i wasn’t a big fan of the name. i was hesitant to tell people because it was so different than any of my friends’ middle names. i didn’t want to be a weirdo. but as i got older, i realized how unique it made me, along with how i spell caley. over the years it became more and more special to me, and now i feel bad ever being ashamed of it.

as for the story behind caley and where the spelling came from, that’s a pretty good one too. i was baby number three and my parents didn’t want to know if i was going to be a boy or a girl because they already had my two sisters and were really hoping to be surprised by having a boy. but, they still had a girl name ready to go, just in case - kayla. one afternoon they were driving around the town that the lived in at the time in colorado, and drove by a street called “caley lane.” my mom saw it and instantly like caley better than kayla, and my dad agreed. and that’s where the spelling came from! although i can ever find a knick-knack with the correct spelling, and not a single barista has ever gotten it right on my coffee cup, i love the spelling.

anyway, back on topic. after confidently deciding to stick with caley noble as my brand, i knew i wanted a unique logo that i could call my own and take my website aesthetic to the next level. luckily, i know quite a few people who are graphic designers, including an old friend from my days when i lived in florida - alex wall. we’ve loosely stayed in touch with each other via instagram, and i love seeing her work - she’s extremely talented! so, i reached out early this past fall to see if she was available and willing to design something for me. she said yes and got right to work. the process was extremely smooth, easy, and stress-free thanks to her! i explained how i wanted a simple, clean, and bright logo that encompassed my brand and fit in with my personal style and site. it only took a few short weeks to land on a logo i loved.

a huge thank you to alex for being so easy to work with and generous in lending her talents! if you’re searching for a graphic designer, check out her design site. let me know what you think of my new logo in the comments below!!

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