a new accessory

back in the day in high school i used to have a few pairs of fake (no prescription) glasses from urban outfitters. i've never needed real ones, and always loved the look of a cute pair. so when urban started to sell some, i bought them right away and didn't even lie when someone asked, oh you need glasses now? i'd own up to the fact that they were fake and i just thought they were cute. one pair that i wore quite a bit had obnoxiously large frames, but i absolutely adored them. eventually i no longer found them to be stylish, so i stopped wearing them.

a few months ago a girl i work with showed up wearing a pair of glasses, and the only reason i noticed them was because i had never seen her with them before. this was the first time i heard about blue-light blocking glasses. people around the office made fun of her because they're essentially fake as well, meaning no prescription, but the purpose behind them is to decrease the strain that computer/technology screens have on your eyes. i'm sure many of you have heard about this new topic by now, as it's become more and more popular in the media and news. there are skeptics out there, but my personal opinion is that if there's the slightest chance that it does some good for my eyes, i'm on board.

being in account management, i'm staring at my laptop and extra monitor screen almost all day long during my work day. then, when i get home at the end of the day, i usually end up watching some netflix at some point. oh, and let's not forget about our phones. add up all of these devices, and you start to realize how much time our eyes spend looking at a screen. it scared me to be honest once i really thought about it. 

another layer to this topic is how frequently i get headaches and migraines. i've suffered from migraines since high school, and have determined that a major trigger is light, specifically artificial light, and too much screen time. but what am i supposed to do when my job depends on this exposure? i consciously incorporate habits such as reading before bed, not checking my phone or computer first thing in the morning, making sure i'm drinking plenty of water, and getting enough sleep into my routine. but about a month ago i decided to give these glasses a try. 

after reading jess kirby's recommendations for the best retailers to purchase these glasses from, i landed on eyebuydirect. the main factors that went into deciding on this particular retailer were price point and style. i didn't want to pay an arm and a leg for something that potentially wouldn't have any benefit, and of course i wanted to look good in them! ultimately, i chose the cupertino style in black. it was definitely a little tricky to get a solid perception of how they would look in person, but i took a chance on them because i wanted smaller, thinner frames that wouldn't bother me too much when i wore them.


i've been wearing them for about two weeks and i really love the style. they're a little harry potter-ish but i'm rockin' them! it's a little too soon to tell if they're having an impact on daily strain, but so far i love the way they look and it's taking me back to those high school days having fun with the urban outfitter pairs. at least this time around i don't look as funny and like to think they make me look smarter - lol! 

if you've been wondering about blue-light blocking glasses and have any questions, i'm happy to answer. leave your questions in the comments below and i'll make sure to respond!

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