a month in review - august

this has been a month of reflection, minimizing, and cleansing for me. as far as family and friend events go, august was pretty quiet. so i decided to take the time to internally reflect on where i am in my life and how i want to make it the best that it can be. as i began to think about what i wanted for myself, i determined that i want to live a life with less, but more. i know, what does that even mean?

there are two sides of me: one that loves to hold on to little things that bring me joy or that have happy memories, and the second that loves a neat and tidy life. so what i've been trying to change is how to have both and transition my lifestyle to more of a minimalist one. my main focus for this transition has been based on my financial situation.

fooooood: one of the steps i took to nail down what aspects of my life i wanted to adjust was to track my spending very closely. i've been doing this since the beginning of the summer, and now have a really good sense of what i've typically wasted my money on. the two biggest are food and clothes. sure, food is a necessity, but it's not necessary to buy food out multiple times a week, so i've been putting my money more towards groceries and really focusing on cooking and eating homemade meals and snacks. and when there's a really good reason to go out and enjoy a meal or a few drinks, i will! because i'ts all about balance remember. over the past month i think i've only bought lunch out during the week two or three times which is a major decrease from what i was doing before. so i'm pretty proud of that!

wardrobe: i go through these periods every few months of de-cluttering and cleaning out things around our apartment, shifting from my one sided person to the other. a goal of mine for this month was to go through all of the clothes i own and purge anything that i didn't wear a lot or love. i really want to transition my wardrobe from cheap to more mature and higher-quality. now, i'm not talking crazy expensive clothes, but instead of making impulse purchases on items that only last me a year at the most, i want to purchase good quality items from brands i sincerely love that will last me years. through this clean out i've loved how i've narrowed everything down to the basics and clothes that i truly love to wear. i realized how much i love a good jean and plain tee combo! my dream work uniform that i'm going to work my way up to is jeans + tee + nice blazer + cute shoes on rotation :) 

financial: this has been weighing heavily on my anxiety for pretty much the entire summer. my credit card balances were higher than i was comfortable with, and my loan payments give me a heart attack every time i pay them. not to mention that i'm trying to save as much money as possible after all of it! so i bit the bullet and used some of my savings to pay off my two credit cards so that those weren't hanging over me any more. as difficult as it was for me to see that savings balance drop, it felt really good to see my credit card balances at zero. it's a clean slate! and now i can start putting money back into my savings every pay check, and keep better tabs on how i'm using my credit card.

to wrap up this extremely long post, i have to say that with august out the window and september coming in, i feel refreshed going into this new month. summer is coming to it's end and i feel fall creeping in which i could not be more happy about. it's my absolute favorite time of the year and i'm just feeling very grateful and content at the end of this month! bring it on september. 

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