a simple moisturizer


a few months ago, i posted about a simple skincare routine because i thought i had found the perfect product. about a month after that post, it turned out that it wasn't the right fit because my face started to break out frequently. i had a feeling it had to do with the creamy daytime and nighttime moisturizers - they were just too heavy. i realized that my skin type requires something lighter, but also made with simple ingredients. and that's why i turned to origins

i purchased their ginzing energizing gel moisturizer. i found it on the "best sellers" list on their website and it seemed like the perfect choice! it was clear that i needed a gel as opposed to a cream, and i liked the energizing component of this product. what was also appealing was that i would only need this one little jar to apply after my toner, instead of multiple bottles of products. 

before jumping the gun and buying online, i went to sephora instead to see it in person and learn a little more about it. it isn't expensive, but i also didn't want to waste any more money on something that i ultimately wouldn't be satisfied with. after browsing the other brands and products in the store, i ended up back at the ginzing gel. before i had time to change my mind, i bought it! 

it was definitely a good decision because i absolutely love it and it's working wonderfully. it smells devine and a little goes a long way, which is huge, because this little jar will last months! i'm a super happy camper because this product is light, simple, and easy to incorporate into my everyday - three thumbs up!


Caley McCaslinComment