weekend coffee at broadsheet coffee roasters


hello hello and happy weekend everyone! i’m so excited to introduce this new series of weekend coffee trips, where i’ll be trying out a new place in either cambridge, boston, or whatever city i find myself in! i’ve always been drawn to unique cafes, and love the charm and tranquility that i always feel when certain ones grab my attention. my pipe dream for as long as i can remember has been to open a cafe of my own one day!


so to kick things off, i’m starting with broadsheet coffee roasters in cambridge, massachusetts. tina recommended it and i’m so glad she did! first on my list when deeming a coffee shop or cafe one of my favorites is aesthetic. broadsheet did not disappoint in this department! it’s definitely more modern, but super clean, fresh and simple in design which of course i love. they have plants throughout and it’s a large open concept. what i loved most was that the architecture and design is mostly white with natural wood accents, but their coffee accessories and hardware are colorful, making them pop against the simple design of the shop. we went on a sunday at about 11am and it was crazy busy! but we still managed to squeeze into a table and enjoy or coffee and food. first impression of this place get’s a 5 out of 5 from me! oh, and a unique, some would even say controversial rule that they have, is no laptop use during weekend brunch. this is to avoid people hanging around for too long and hogging the tables. definitely not something you find in any old coffee shop!


their menu has all the classic go-to coffee drinks you could want, as well as some non-traditional latte flavors and seasonal specials. same for the food! but i’ll start with the coffee and follow-up with the food. shane, cian and i all ordered a cappuccino (for any italians reading this, i know, i’m sorry for ordering one after 11am!) and tina went with their cold brew. the capps came in the cutest blue ceramic mugs with saucers to match, and they tasted delish! not too milky, not too espresso-y, and not too foamy. the only thing “wrong” with it was that it wasn’t piping hot - but i love my coffee as hot as possible, hotter than i think most people drink it! i didn’t taste the cold brew, but tina said it was really good as well, and it came in a simple but cool tall glass. coffee rating: 4 out of 5!


now for the food. i don’t typically order anything to eat at a coffee shop unless something really stands out to me either on the menu or in the pastry display. but after taking a peak at the menu online before going, i was definitely intrigued. i decided to get a chocolate and pistachio croissant and man oh man it was GOOD. probably the best croissant i’ve every had actually. it was perfectly flaky, a little bit gooey because there was something delicious on the inside, and the perfect amount of chocolatey-pistachio-y goodness on top! tina ordered a sweat bread pastry, and the boys got the egg boat and a breakfast sandwich. oh, and a cinnamon bun to split! all around, everyone thoroughly enjoyed their food and we were not shy about getting a variety from the menu. the broadsheet menu gets a 4.5 out of 5 rating from the group!


for the first coffee shop on my list, broadsheet has set the bar high, coming in at an overall score of 4.7 out of 5. the aesthetic is the perfect mix of minimalism and character, the coffee is classic, and the food solid whether savory or sweet. if you’re in the area or are a coffee fiend, i definitely recommend popping by and trying for yourself!

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