weekend coffee at area four

it’s the weeeeeekend! did anyone experience anything weird or crazy yesterday on friday the 13th, with a full moon?! i have been loving the temperatures slowly getting cooler. usually i wait until we go to the big e to kick off fall, but something has me extra eager this year, so i put up our decorations already! so not like me, but whatever, our apartment is extra cozy now, and i’m okay with it.

comin’ at ya with the second coffee shop - area four in cambridge! cian and i have been here a few times for either lunch or dinner to enjoy their brick oven pizza and a beer or two. it’s a great go-to spot if you don’t know where to go, or if family is in town because in my experience, it’s never been crazy busy and the food is good! they also have outdoor seating which is really nice, and i even brought petey once! they have a cafe attached to the restaurant that i’ve been meaning to try out, but just never have. so i made sure to add it to this list of weekend coffee stops to share here on the blog.


when cian and i went, we decided to sit in the restaurant but order breakfast and coffee to try it out. the overall vibe and aesthetic of area four fits right into the kendall square atmosphere, adding engineer-like details, but keeping it simple and to the point. classic wood-topped tables and metal chairs, and some chalk boards around with awesome hand-written things about their ingredients. after we ate, cian and i walked into the cafe to see if it was all that different, aesthetic wise, but it wasn’t really at all! again, it was pretty simple, but also cool with the engineer vibe it has going. there were plenty of long tables in the cafe to enjoy your coffee and pastry while either catching up with friends or working on your laptop. i’d definitely go back and hang out in there with a warm cup of joe. aesthetic gets a 4 out of 5!


for our coffees, cian got a cappuccino and i got a macchiato, thinking it was totally different than what it actually was. i knew it was an espresso drink with some milk, but i thought it was about the size of a latte or cap, but nope, it was a tiny espresso that was pretty darn bitter lol! cian was laughing at me because he knew i didn’t really know what it was that i ordered, but i’m trying to order things other than my go-to coffee order so i can fully experience these coffee stops. i added some sugar to try to cut the bitter taste, but to be honest, i just don’t think i like macchiatos. cian’s cappuccino was really good though! so the coffee here at area four is tough to judge because i wasn’t crazy about mine, but i’m going to give it a 4 out of 5 rating!


for breakfast, we ordered from the main menu, but also got a peach corn muffin that they also sold in the cafe. oooooo baby it was yummy! it came with a honey butter to spread on top, which was heavenly. when we went to check out the cafe before leaving, we noticed more muffins, which i was very excited about because i’m definitely going to go back and try a different flavor after tasting the one we ordered with our breakfast. although we didn’t order any of the other food options from the cafe, they all looked really good! food get’s a 4.5 out of 5!


if you’re looking to try a new coffee spot that’s easy-going, no frills, and a classic cup of coffee, i definitely recommend area four! this shop gets an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5 for it’s unique but simple engineer aesthetic, classic coffee, and yummy muffins.

have a great rest of your weekend everyone, and go pats!

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