an overdue update

hi there! i know it’s been crickets over here, and i really am sorry to any of my loyal readers. thank you for your patience! to be completely honest, i feel as though i don’t have a very good answer as to why i’ve been so quiet, other than i simply haven’t been “feelin’ it” the past few months.

i’m slowly getting my groove back, so figured it was time for an update on why there’s been little-to-no activity on here, what i’ve been up to, and what i have coming up on the horizon for caleynoble.

why i haven’t posted for a while: again, i can’t really pin point one clear reason as to why i dropped off the deep end of writing blog posts and creating content, but there are definitely some smaller reasons that have ultimately contributed to my major lack of motivation to write or create:

  • the biggest one is probably my shift in exercise. as a lot of you know, i was training this past winter and spring to run my first half marathon toward the end of may, but had to stop and ultimately back out of that race due to an injury. i tried my best to say “eh, it’s alright, i’ll just do a different one when i’m healthy enough to do so.” which worked for about a month, until i realized my hip pain wasn’t going away. even though i’ve been focusing on strengthening and stretching, running has not been in the cards for me this entire summer. which i know isn’t the end of the world, but i truly enjoy it more than any other form of exercise. i’ve been trying to find the spark i feel when running while at the gym or on the bike, but it’s just not the same, so this has been making me feel a bit off.

  • having started a new job about five months ago, a lot of my focus and energy has gone into making sure i’m doing the best i can at this new company. it’s a lot to handle when having to learn the ins and outs of a new company, how they do things, as well as our brands and clients. new relationships need to be formed, now that i’m at a higher level i need to be readily available for client needs, and a whole bunch of other things. so when i get home from my work day, i’m pretty drained! or i prioritize my time with cian and petey over getting back in front of the computer to write or edit pictures.

  • navigating my nutritional journey and needs has also played a role. this will be a continuous and ongoing journey for me, i know, and it’s something i care quite a lot about. for the past year, i haven’t been eating meat, but as my exercise increased in the spring as i was training for the half marathon, i could tell that my new diet wasn’t aligning and supporting my increased activity. so over the past few months i’ve been slowly introducing meat and a few other items back into my diet that i had previously cut out. however, i’m being very picky about where i buy and consume these products, because at the end of the day, what it comes down to for me is: real, wholesome foods are what my body needs, even if that source is an animal.

what i’ve been up to: as i mentioned above, the main things i’ve been focusing on lately have been my health - exercising and nutrition - and my new job. outside of those things, i’ve just been trying to slow down when i do have free time and enjoy my summer, more specifically with cian, my friends and family. being in the moment as opposed to always having my phone or camera on me has been a priority this summer, which i’ve really enjoyed, but has also resulted in me simply not taking as many pictures and sharing my experiences with you all. so through this, i want to find the right balance of not worrying about getting the picture and sharing to just enjoy and make memories, but also take those pictures to have those memories saved and share my experiences because i really do find joy in that as well. a big thing on my mind lately as well is figuring out and planning for this blog and my instagram page. really diving deep into what i care about most, how to differentiate, and improve my photography and editing skills.

what’s on the horizon for caleynoble: through this soul searching (for lack of a better phrase), i’ve nailed down some specific content areas that i’m excited to experiment with and share with you all. these will include more specific things around boston, as well as in any cities i visit from time to time (hint: coffee will very likely be involved); fitness and nutrition, with a little more emphasis on nutrition; and then a little bit more sharing of life at home with cian and petey. i have a feeling a lot of things are going to happen over the next few months and into 2020, so i’m feeling good about this “fresh start” and perspective.

thank you again for your patience, and i promise things are coming real soon! as always, if there’s any content you’d like to see and read from me, please let me know in the comments below!!

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