a weekend at home

happy mother’s day to all the mamas out there! i hope you all have the best day. an extra special mother’s day to my mom, my sister, and cian’s mom - thank you all for being such amazing role models and for teaching me everything there is to know about being an amazing, incredible mom!

cian and i stayed home this weekend and took full advantage of the beautiful weather we had yesterday. the march for babies walk started at 10am, and we brought petey to meet all my co-workers as we walked the 2 miles around the esplanade. one of our clients is a sponsor of the walk, so we were there to support them, and of course, the cause. i’m so happy we were able to be a part of it, and especially on such a nice day. we headed back home to our apartment to let petey rest his legs, changed quick, and left for harvard square to walk around and do some shopping.


we stopped at darwin’s for a sammy and a coffee to replenish our bodies from the active morning and continued on into harvard square, popping into stores that caught our eyes. we enjoyed a free taco outside of felipe’s which was deeeelish. i also finally tried milk bar for the first time! it was definitely yummy, and hit the spot while enjoying it in the sunshine, but i think i’ll stick to regular soft-serve. before heading back home, we stopped to get some fresh local honey so cian can make garlic honey - something i will keep you all posted on because i am so excited to see how it turns out.


once we got back home, i took a nice little cat nap, cleaned up around the apartment, and just hung out. once our tummies started to rumble again, we headed back out and got some sushi! and to end the perfect day, we crawled into bed to catch up on last week’s episode of game of thrones, while sipping on a fresh whiskey sour that cian whipped up.


yesterday made me so happy, and also made me realize how little i actually take the time to slow down and enjoy my own city. cambridge and boston have been and always will be my favorite cities because of all the charm they hold. so, as the weather gets nicer and nicer, my goal is to have more days like this.

Caley McCaslinComment