a welcomed break


hello hello! i’m back from taking a few weeks off of both instagram and the blog. every year for lent, i give up all sweets. no cookies, no baked goods, no candy, no chocolate, no ice cream - nothing! this has always been a tradition on my dad’s side of the family, and i grew up giving up sweets since i was really young. i have the biggest sweet tooth, so it really is quite the challenge every year to stay away from all my favorite goodies. but i decided i wanted to challenge myself in a different way this year, so for the second half of lent, i took a step back from instagram and blogging.


over the past few months, i hadn’t been feeling very connected to my instagram and the accounts i followed. i noticed i would pick my phone up way too often and scroll through my feed just to fill the time. i wouldn’t really pay much attention to the content i was viewing and that bothered me. i’ve always loved the platform for the creative freedom that it gives those who use it, and it has always been a source of inspiration and motivation for me in my own creative endeavors. so once i realized that i kind of lost that, i knew a break was needed.


honestly, it felt really good! i found myself more connected and present in the moments when i would normally be snapping pictures. i learned to slow down and be more patient. sit in the quite or times when i didn’t have anything to do. instead of picking my phone up to scroll, i would take in my surroundings, people watch, or read a book. it was the perfect change of pace and helped me to re-set creatively.


taking a break from my blog was a bit harder because i wanted to write and i was nervous that by not posting content, i would lose any traction i had built up over the past few months. but i realized that was silly because i do it for me. for everyone that makes it here to read my posts, i can’t thank you enough for doing so! thank you for the support, and i truly hope my posts are enjoyable for you. but if not, honestly, that’s okay because i enjoy putting my pictures and thoughts on here regardless. it helps me to track my progress and improvement, and also motivates me to get better.


so, here’s to a fresh start - because that’s what spring is all about! and i hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures of my nephews from easter this year. they’re just the cutest!

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