another super bowl sunday


happy super bowl sunday everyone!!! and if you’re a new englander, GO PATS! i think it’s so funny how this game and this day has turned into somewhat of a holiday here in america. we are crazy football people, especially pats fans and the parties that happen on this day, all of the hype, it’s just as big of a deal as an actual real holiday. even if your team isn’t playing in the big game, or you’re not a huge football fan, or even a sports fan at all, people still plan something or go somewhere to chow down on junk food, drink some beer, and stare at the tv. does it get any more american than that?

working in advertising for the past two years, it’s fascinating to see how much attention is drawn around the ads that run before, during, and after the super bowl. it’s like the biggest day in advertising. spots run for millions of dollars, and it’s a chance for brands to get extra creative. when i was in college, we would always get an assignment every year to pay extra close attention to all of the ads, analyze them a bit, and pick our favorite(s). we would then discuss them in class the following week. but i’m noticing how super bowl ads catch more than just the advertisers and marketers attention - everyday people look forward to them! it’s turned into an art - viewers waiting in anticipation to see what brands put out there just on this day.

anyhoo, this post is a bit random, but just wanted to pop on and wish everyone a fabulous week, and to share this super simple buffalo chicken dip recipe. so, if you’re scrambling to whip something together for the game tonight, i’ve got you covered. this is so quick, easy and super yummy. not good for the waste line, but hey, it’s essentially a holiday, so embrace it!!

note: i’m not a huge fan of blue cheese so i sprinkle shredded cheddar on top instead - and when that starts getting all bubbly in the oven, it’s ready to enjoy!


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