weekend coffee at giovanni's

happy sunday everyone! one of my favorite days of the week. cian and i are grabbing coffee and breakfast with our friends matt and sam this morning, and i’m so excited to go to where we’re going! i’m keeping it a surprise, because i’ll be posting about it in a few weeks. but for today’s post, i’m taking you all to agawam massachusetts - my hometown! a few weekends, i went to spend some time with my family for my birthday, and met my mom at giovanni’s on main street.


giovanni’s has been around since i was little, when we used to live off of main street. we always went there to grab their amazing italian cookies for family parties and holidays. i remember being really little and going there with my mom or dad, and running straight to their rotating cake display. i absolutely loved looking at how they decorated them, and watching them go around and around. they’ve renovated the place in the past few years, but it still has it’s family atmosphere, as it’s been owned and run by the same family since it's opening. now, they have a “dining” room, to sit down and enjoy your coffee and pastries. they always decorate for each season and holiday which i love! but other than that, it’s pretty simple in there, but their warm paint colors just make it feel like home. and, the employees are simply the best. again, it’s been the same family since the beginning, so they know their customers; and even if they don’t, they treat you like you’re a regular and are just the nicest, most attentive people. i’m going to rate them on atmosphere more than aesthetic, and it gets a 5 out of 5, no doubt about it!


in my opinion, giovanni’s is best for their italian cookies and their cakes. they are my all-time favorite! they have a ton of different kinds of cookies, and display them so nicely when you order them for a party or holiday. and, their cakes always look so beautiful, and taste amazing as well. i’d be lying if i said i’ve tried all of their other pastries and offerings, so i can’t really weigh in too much in this department, other than they do all look very tasty. and, if you’re more of a savory kind of person, you have to get a loaf of their pepperoni bread! my mom, sisters and i all love it and look forward to it every holiday. food gets a 5 out of 5!


now, for the coffee. giovanni’s is the only place in agawam that sells coffee that isn’t a dunkin’ donuts or gas station. which is one of the many reasons why it’s my go-to place when i’m visiting family. since living in boston for so many years, i admit that i’ve become a bit of a coffee snob. so when i’m in agawam, the only coffee i drink is giovanni’s because it’s good! i usually just get a hot black coffee, but on this most recent stop with my mom, i ordered a cappuccino. and it was so yummy! they asked me if i wanted cocoa or cinnamon on top, and i went with cinnamon. i mean, just look at the picture! they don’t have anything fancy, just the classic coffee offerings, but that’s another reason why i love it here so much. 5 out of 5 coffee rating as well!


giovanni’s will always have a very special place in my heart, and i really hope it’s around for many, many more years to come. it will always hold childhood memories, and it’s a place i look forward to going to any time i find myself in agawam. if you haven’t been before and you’re in the area - go. and if you find yourself in any neighboring towns of agawam, make the drive! it’s absolutely worth it, i promise.

as always, these opinions are my own; i’m not a coffee expert, i just love it, and love sharing the places that stand out to me! i hope you all have an amazing sunday, and rest of your week!

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