weekend coffee at vinal bakery


i’m currently sitting at my best friend dani’s kitchen table typing this blog post, and i’m so excited that i’m here in stamford visiting her! dani and jake just moved into their first apartment together this past june, and have turned it into the cozies little home, i absolutely love it. we’re headed to a coffee shop in town, but for today’s post, it’s all about my stop at vinal bakery in somerville!

okay, starting with aesthetic (as always), vinal has a very minimal design and not a whole lot of decoration or accents. when you first walk in, you notice the clean white walls and light wood accents, similar to broadsheet actually. and there’s a huge chalkboard with the menu hand-written on it, which i liked. but, it was a little overwhelming to try to find what we wanted! at the register, there were a ton of delicious looking pastries, all set up perfectly which made we want to get almost all of them! but cian and i both ordered breakfast sandwiches. we sat at the high-top table next to the counter where they were fixing up the food and coffees. it’s a super small place, and was pretty busy, so if you want to sit down, be prepared to wait for a seat. but i would suggest just taking it to-go to be honest, or else you’ll be sitting with a bunch of people hovering over you waiting for their orders. the overall mood and vibe was very hipster, for lack of a better term. it was a cross between a modern hipster coffee shop, with retro 60’s accents thrown in - like the sea foam green wall behind the counter, and vintage kitchen accessories. i liked the aesthetic overall, but cian did not. and, again, it wasn’t very enjoyable sitting down because there were so many people around, so it was hard to enjoy our breakfast and coffees. so vinal bakery aesthetic gets a 3.5 out of 5 rating from me!


now, onto the coffee. it was one of the first chilly days, so when i saw the maple latte, i knew that’s exactly what i wanted. cian ordered an iced mocha, which is one of his favorites. the maple latte was super yummy! it was definitely on the sweeter side, which normally i don’t like, but because it was sweetened with maple syrup, i actually really enjoyed it. cian’s iced mocha came in a cool vintage glass, and he said he liked it. but when i tasted it, i thought it had a funny flavor that i didn’t like at all. i’m not sure if it was the chocolate, or the milk, or what it was, but i definitely would not have drank it! their menu has a lot of variety which i liked, and there were a few things that i wanted to try. i would definitely go back and get a coffee to go, maybe with a pastry! the coffee gets a 3.5 out of 5 as well.


vinal bakery makes their own english muffins/biscuits that they put all of their sandwiches on. i was very excited to try them because they looked so fresh and yummy! cian and i both ordered a sandwich that had baby kale, ham, pepper jelly, and brie cheese. when it came out, it looked delicious! but we both a little disappointed with them.. i think we thought that an egg came on it, even though that wasn’t listed on the menu, and the ham was cold! i thought it was going to be cooked on the griddle, and i think it would have tasted much better if they had. they weren’t shy with the contents which was good, but overall, cian and weren’t very satisfied. the english muffin/biscuit was tastes though, i’ll give them that! all of their sandwiches were very different, going along with the hipster vibe that they’ve established, so if that’s not your cup of tea, then i wouldn’t recommend ordering a sandwich. however, their pastries did look very good, and that is definitely something i want to go back and try! vinal bakery food gets a 3 out of 5 from me!


so, overall, i was a little disappointed by vinal bakery. i had hear such good things about it and was so looking forward to checking it out! and again, these are just my own personal opinions, and it just wasn’t my kind of coffee shop. but, it was super busy the entire time we were there, so it’s definitely a popular spot! the final rating i would give, is a 3 out of 5, but i am interested in going back to try a pastry and getting it to go with a coffee. maybe i’ll like it a bit more!

now, dani, jake and i are off to enjoy the weekend and grab some coffees for a future blog post! have a great sunday everyone!

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