weekend coffee at PT's coffee roasting co.

i know most people want the weekend to last longer in the summer, but i’m the complete opposite. once the weather has gotten chilly, there’s nothing i want to do more than get all cozy in my comfy clothes and cook or bake or just chilllllll out. i try my best to avoid all thoughts of work coming up this week, and focus on my favorite fall weekend activities at home. petey and i have already gone to the park to get some fresh air and chase squirrels, while we wait for my friend jamie to come with her new labrador puppy! we can’t wait to meet him.

a few weeks ago, my company celebrated its twentieth anniversary in business. the ceo flew all of us out-of-towners into kansas city for the festivities for three whole days! it was really cool because it’s not often that we get to see so many of our coworkers face to face, as opposed to just communicating with them over the phone or via video chat. it was an exhausting, but really fun few days celebrating an amazing company.


while there, i had to check out one of the coffee spots of course! so i found pt’s coffee roasting co., just down the street from our hotel. right off the bat when i walked in, i loved it - the look and feel of the whole place was right down my alley. we got there pretty early so it wasn’t busy at all (i learned kc is a much different kind of city than boston), and i was able to really look around and take it all in. normally, i’m drawn to lighter colors when it comes to decor and design, but pt’s dark blue and gold vibes were amazing! there were plants everywhere, and wood accents which added the perfect amount of character to the modern spot. aesthetic gets a 5 out of 5 from me!


this time around, we didn’t order any food, so i’ll get right to the coffee. however, i do feel that i need to mention their homemade pop tarts that were in the pastry case because OH MAN they looked divine. maybe next time i find myself in kc, i’ll go grab one! anyway, what i loved about their coffee menu were all of the different options, but that they were just simple spins off of all the classics like lattes, cappuccinos, regular coffee, etc. for whatever reason, that morning i was really in the mood for a hot matcha latte, which is odd for me, but that’s what i ordered. i just got a classic, but instead of simple syrup to sweeten, i had them put honey in its place, and also substituted almond milk. i watched them make it, and the craft and care that went into made me so happy! my friend kara came with me and ordered some iced coffees for her and jamie. i can’t remember what flavors she ordered exactly, so kara, please comment below what they were! but, i do remember her saying she liked them a lot. so, pt’s coffee roasters in kc get’s a 5 out of 5 for a coffee rating! i even went back the next morning before we left for our flights and got a another matcha latte cause i woke up craving another!


so far, i have been loving this little weekend coffee series, and when i traveled to kc, it made me love it even more. because it pushed me to get out and see the city i was in, outside of the planned activities! oh, and i forgot to mention that pt’s has the cutest merchandise, so i picked up one of their glasses as a little memento. i think i drink water out of it every day because i love it so much! anyhoo, this has been so fun for me to do, and i hope you love reading about coffee spots, as much as i love sharing them with all of you! and, if you find yourself in kansas city in the future, check out pt’s coffee roasters - you will not be disappointed!

as always, all opinions are my own, and am i in no way a coffee expert, just someone who really enjoys it. and taking pictures of it!

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