a family visit to cambridge

i can't believe a whole week has gone by since my family came to visit cian and i last weekend. i was chuckling the week before they came because, for the most part, my family doesn't make the drive out here all the often. definitely not as much as i wish they did. so when one person after the other texted me to see what i had going on and if they could come for the day i laughed out loud! of course i said yes to everyone, but it did take a little bit of planning to make it all happen. 

although it took all week to get our ducks in a row, we had a solid plan figured out by the friday before - cian's dad would come on saturday, as well as my oldest sister danielle and her boyfriend todd. on sunday, my mom and other sister kristen were coming to town with my nephews! i was so incredibly excited that kristen was finally bringing vincenzo and luca to boston - it was luca's first time. with all of this in place, i spent friday night giving petey a bath, vacuuming and tidying up for everyone's arrival. i keep our apartment in relatively good shape on a daily basis, but no matter what, i always do an extra thorough cleaning anytime someone comes over. it's a little crazy, but i just can't help it!

saturday arrived and i made sure to get in some exercise before the family filled weekend began. i was a bit relieved when cian's dad said he wouldn't be arriving until later that afternoon. but i also received a text from my sister danielle that her and todd weren't coming after all, but that she would come the next day with kristen and my mom. so saturday turned out to be relatively relaxing, especially because it was rainy and stormy for most of it. once cian's dad arrived, we just sat in the kitchen and caught up on all things since we last saw each other. we decided to go to an early dinner at fiorella's in newton, one of our favorite italian restaurants in the area. after we got back to our apartment, cian and his dad went and played tennis while i hung back and finished up a few more things around the apartment that i knew i wouldn't get to on sunday with my family around. we finished off the night at shane and tina's (cian's brother and girlfriend) apartment having irish tea and cookies. they had gone to see aladdin on stage so they got home pretty late. i didn't get to bed until close to 1am! 

i had planned on going for a run along the charles on sunday morning, but because i got to bed so late the night before, i opted out and decided to snooze a little longer than i usually do. cian and i both got up at around 9am and took petey for a walk to grab some iced coffees. when we got back, i hopped in the shower and got ready for the day, so excited for my family to get there. 

mom arrived first with blueberry crumble cake in hand, which is my absolute favorite. while we waited for my sisters, brother in law and nephews to arrive, we took petey to the park for some extra fresh air. it was a very hot day - no surprise here - so that was really the only obstacle of the day. so we kept things easy by going to one of the many parks in cambridge. the one we went to is just down the street from my apartment, so it was perfect for the weather. vincenzo was so excited to play around when we got there, he didn't hesitate for a second! we found some shade for the rest of us and luca as we just enjoyed each other's company and played with vincenzo. this park has a rooster and two chickens that roam around which is definitely strange, but also pretty cool in my opinion. we definitely kept our distance, but i was able to catch a few shots of the rooster!


once we had enough of the sun and heat, we headed to a late lunch at sulmona, just a short drive from our apartment. normally, cian and i would have walked, but since the boys are so little, we decided to drive. the food was amazing and it felt so good to just be with my family having a meal! vincenzo and luca were as entertaining as ever, especially vin who got to play with some pizza dough while we were waiting for our lunch to arrive. the best part about all of this is that we were able to take our time and really enjoy the conversation and time together. 


kristen and danielle headed back to western mass after lunch, while my mom stayed behind to spend a little extra time with cian and i. after taking petey to the park for his evening play with his friends, we headed into harvard square for an ice cream. the raspberry chocolate chip yogurt from lizzy's on church street hit the spot! we sat on a bench and people watched as the day came to it's end and my mom headed home as well. 

although it was a bit hectic to plan everyone's arrival, it really turned out to be such a great weekend! i told my family that this was proof that they need to come visit us more often :)

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