a month in review - june

another month has come and gone in a blink of an eye. june is always a busy month of the year as there are so many birthdays and family gatherings to look forward to. it's also such a great month in new england because the weather is just right - perfectly warm days and cool nights. i've thoroughly enjoyed this past month and i hope you all did too! here's a round-up of what june had in store:

i started my new knee therapy: humira was a last-resort medication when i first went into the rheumatologist to get to the bottom of my knee injury. the minute i heard "injection" come out of her mouth, i knew i wanted to do everything i could to try to avoid that road. well, unfortunately, everything that could have been done was done without success. so my first injection was earlier this month and it was a lot worse that i anticipated. i'm not concerned with needles - they don't bother me in the slightest - but when i sat down to do my first dose, i was extremely anxious and nervous. which isn't all that surprising, given the fact that a 24 year old is injecting herself with a needle. nevertheless, i messed up the first time and sent the medicine running down my leg instead of into it. so the second time around i had cian help me out which calmed my nerves significantly. i do this every other week and i'm just hoping it will be something that i get used to and that gets easier over time. and knock on wood, but my knee is still fluid-free and i've even started to run again!

cian turned 24: june 14th is one of my favorite days of the year because i get to spoil cian even more than i try to do every other day of the year. unfortunately, he was working, so i didn't get to see him at all on his actual birthday! but it was a thursday, so we wouldn't have done much anyway. i still wrote him a happy birthday note for him to wake up to and picked up a cupcake on my way home from work for him to come home to late that night. we didn't really celebrate his birthday until the 24th when we went to see middleditch and schwartz at the wilbur theater in boston. i couldn't have picked a better gift - it was the best comedy show i've ever been to and we had such a good time together. we stopped for dinner at fat baby sushi in southie before the show where we stuffed our bellies with far too much food and some funky drinks. buying the tickets to the show was completely impulsive and spontaneous and i think that's why it was so much fun. i bought them back in late march so it was cool to anticipate the show and build up excitement for it. i'm speaking for myself obviously but i think cian had a pretty great 24th birthday. oh, and we're going away to narraganset at the end of july with a bunch of friends for his last little part of his present!

cian got some kind of watermelon drink that i can't spell or pronounce, and i got the "chubby chad"

cian got some kind of watermelon drink that i can't spell or pronounce, and i got the "chubby chad"

Middleditch + Schwartz.jpg

we celebrated vincenzo's 2nd birthday: my nephew vincenzo richard montefusco turned 2 years old on the 21st. i wasn't able to be there with him on the actual day, but our families gathered to celebrate this magnificent little boy on saturday the 23rd. we enjoyed time outside while playing with his new electric bulldozer (or as vin calls it - "bulldi"), and a bubble machine that had him, his brother, and their cousin mesmerized. being an auntie is such a special thing, and i am thankful to have been able to spend time with him on his birthday. watch out sissy, the terrible twos have arrived!

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