a month in review - may


hello hello june! the past two months have been quite a blur, which is why i completely skipped over april's month in review. i actually had the post written and everything, but never got around to posting it - or any content for that matter! i'm constantly trying to improve my lack of posting, but haven't quite found the right schedule to do so. it's a work in progress! anyway, here's what i've been up to:

i got a promotion: so this happened the last week of april, not may, but is something i'm super excited about and proud of! i've been working at an advertising agency in downtown boston for just over a year, and am amazed at my transition from being in school to working full-time. all i've ever known is school (along with working part-time jobs), and when i started my first big-girl job a year ago, i was so excited. even though i finished up one final semester of graduate school this past fall, it was only part time. so i was able to really focus on my new role in an exiting industry. it's been an incredible experience, and i'm excited to keep growing and developing as an advertising professional!

i became a vegetarian: we're beating a dead horse at this point when it comes to my knee issues. but over april and the first week of may, i hit rock bottom. the last 6 months began to suffocate me as i realized that it was not getting better. but i went to see my doctor on the 11th and we're trying a different approach with a stronger therapy. she also recommended that i try a vegetarian diet to see if i notice a difference in my symptoms. so the minute i walked out of her office, that's exactly what i did. i've also decided to cut dairy as much as i can. i've still been eating eggs, and will allow myself the occasional dairy treat, but for the most part, i've cut it all. so far it's been great! i can't say i miss any of the foods i was eating before, which has been super helpful as i've transitioned. this might be a permanent choice! i should also note that i'm technically a Pescetarian, not a vegetarian, because i've been choosing fish as my new protein source.

i started budgeting: the grace period of my student loans is coming to it's inevitable end. being the crazy account management person that i am, i created an elaborate spreadsheet to keep track of all of my existing and upcoming expenses. i also really honed in on the things i was wasting my money on and figured out how much money i could be saving by nipping those purchases in the butt. i've set myself a budget for groceries, savings, and credit card bills per pay check. breaking these budgets out every two weeks as opposed to every month has made it much easier to handle and control. so far, so good. i finally feel like i'm in control of my financial situation, even though my expenses are so high!

my family experienced some finality: without going into too much detail, my family has come to an end of something we've been dealing with for over 3 years. it's a situation that has been extremely hard on each and every one of us. the journey came to it's end at the beginning of the month and brought relief, sadness, and hope along with it. i've learned and grown extensively over the past 3 years, but have been waiting for this end every day since it began. as far as i'm concerned, my focus will be on rebuilding relationships that have become strained through this journey, and see this as a fresh start.

we celebrated memorial day in wellfleet: keep scrolling to see some pictures of our time in p-town! 

june is going to be a crazy month because there's a birthday for at least one friend or family member every single week! most importantly is cian's. i have a few tricks up my sleeve for him which i'm excited to share. something i'm really looking forward to specifically is a comedy show that we are going to at the end of the month as part of his birthday gift :) stay tuned!

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