a perfect pup


are you thinking about getting a dog? or a puppy? have you considered adopting one? if you aren't considering adoption - you absolutely, 100% should! when i was 10 years old, i went with my dad and sisters to a little farm in northern massachusetts to go pick out our new golden retriever puppy. my dad searched for breeders until he found one that had purebred goldens and was close enough to drive to. so, i grew up with the prettiest, happiest, best golden fluff-ball in the world, and i thought i would have a golden retriever my entire life. how could any other breed be as good as chloe?

as i got older and learned how expensive it is to get a dog from a breeder, i started to give up on my dream of having one of my own until i was well into adult-hood and financially stable. but cian and i wanted one so badly, and his parents adopted the cutest lab mix when we were in high school. so we thought, why don't we adopt too? at first, we were definitely motivated financially because it is so much more affordable to adopt, but as we looked at all of the sweet faces and read the descriptions, my heart melted and i started to question why we would ever buy a pure-bred puppy when we could improve the lives of one of these cuties instead?


what'd we do next? we made a list. a long and detailed one of all of the requirements we had for our new dog. i know that sounds a little petty and annoying, especially when adopting a dog because it's hard to really know what you're getting yourself into. but, living in a city, we knew we needed one that: did not bark much (if at all); was not bigger than 50lbs.; got along with other people and dogs. due to working and being in school, we also really wanted the dog to be house trained already - we just didn't have the time to spend teaching him or her one of the most important things to teach a dog.


yes, being this picky did make it a lot harder to find a dog that we could adopt, but i wouldn't recommend doing it any other way. don't get me wrong, it was quite the process. we applied for at least 5 other dogs and got denied every time before we got accepted when applying for petey. i truly believe that we would not have found him if we didn't set all of these requirements. and we got what we wanted: he does not bark (i've heard him bark maybe 5 times over the past 2 years that we've had him), he has not had a single accident in the apartment, he loves playing with dogs at the park; he's only 40lbs., loves to cuddle, and i could go on and on about how perfect he is. 


bottom line is: adopt instead of spending thousands of dollars on a brand-new puppy; be as picky as you want to be - it should be a perfect fit for both you and the dog; have patience - don't get discouraged if your first few applications get denied, because you'll come across the right dog when it's the right fit. you will not be disappointed with your new adopted best friend, because they will appreciate you for everything you've done for them and will love you unconditionally. we can't imagine our lives without petey!

cracking up looking at this picture of his goofy face!

cracking up looking at this picture of his goofy face!

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