a month in review - march

happy easter, and april 1st! march is my least favorite month of the year. mostly due to the weather in new england, i'm always wishing it would pass as soon as possible. to have something to look forward to, i've decided to do "a month in review" for every month of the year! some may be more exciting than others, but by starting this off with what i consider to be the most boring month ever, i realized how much happens in those short thirty days! i threw in a few pictures at the end of this post of our colored easter eggs :)

cian passed the mcat! this month started off on a very good note because cian got his mcat results at the end of february! he did very well, and is happy enough with his scores that he's able to get started on the application process. i have to be honest and say that i'm pretty relieved. i had so much faith and am beyond proud of him, but it was hard not to think "what if his results aren't good enough and he has to take it again?" he studied so hard while working full time and still managed to pull it off with flying colors. way to go ci!

i started saving again. this is a huge personal accomplishment. i'm not putting loads of money into the bank, but the fact that my entire paycheck isn't going to bills or tuition or anything else is huge! it's felt like an eternity since i've looked at my savings and haven't been consumed with anxiety. i even created a spreadsheet to track expenses and come up with a savings plan that is realistic and can easily be increased when the time comes for me to get a promotion or higher salary. an amazing resource that i came across is the financial diet - check out their youtube channel here. 

i treated myself to some new shoes. these flats from freepeople are so perfect that i had to include them in this post. i originally bookmarked them in tan, but decided to get black instead because i knew i would probably wear them more. even though i've only worn them twice, i am definitely getting the tan ones for the spring and summer. 

i changed my diet. if you read my most recent wellness post, you'll know why i decided to change what i eat. for those that don't know, i'm trying to decrease/eliminate excess inflammation in my body. i've cut out a decent amount of foods that i usually eat, and am trying to substitute with healthier alternatives. here's to hoping i see some real benefits and results!

i cancelled my gym membership. as much as i'm dying to get back in shape and be the healthiest me i can be, it just didn't make sense to keep paying $45 for a gym that i haven't been going to for months. i don't know when i'm going to be healthy enough to get back there, and i'm trying to save every penny possible - so i made the plunge and just cancelled it. the weather will be nice soon enough (fingers crossed); i've always preferred to workout outside if i have the option anyway - this just made sense to let go of the unnecessary burden. 

and that's a wrap for the month of march!

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