a weekend spent with family

hellooo there! long time no post, i know. to be honest, i've been having some creative difficulty, and i always strive to share things that i really care about and have passion behind. i never want to post just to post. a lot has been going on outside of work, so i haven't had much time to really devote to content creation. but i'm really hoping that's going to change ASAP!

anyway, a few weekends ago, i took the always lovely peter pan bus out to springfield to spend the weekend at my sister kristen's house with her and my nephews. she had been asking me to come and take pictures of vincenzo and luca because she didn't really have any of the two of them - or as a family of four! i was more than happy to spend a whole weekend just us (it almost never happens). and we had so much fun shooting these photos!

now that luca is here, vincenzo has his new big boy bedroom - previously known as the guest/my bedroom when i come to visit. so i was staying on the couch for the weekend. sunday morning, my sister and her husband got up nice and early to get dressed and ready for pictures. we knew we had to get the shots first thing in the morning before either of the boys realized what we were doing. so their dog maggie came rushing down the stairs to jump on my head at 7am to wake me up :)

i went upstairs to get the camera set up and figure out what would work best for the four of them. i think we did a pretty good job - and i made sure to keep it short and sweet so that vincenzo could get right back to his morning routine of breakfast and playing downstairs with all of his toys!

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