a quiet thanksgiving


as some of you may remember from reading last year’s thanksgiving post, cian and i celebrated away from our families for the first time because he had to work at the hospital. well, he had to work again this year, so we had another quiet holiday just the two of us.

this year, it really was just the two of us - no shane and tina. at first, i’ll admit i was a little bummed, but then i decided to embrace the fact that it was just us. cian had to work the night before thanksgiving as well, so to get into the holiday spirit i baked these nutella stuffed gingersnap cookies and headed to trader joe’s to grab all the ingredients to make homemade cinnamon rolls for thanksgiving breakfast. that was cian’s only request!

petey waiting in anticipation to see how the rolls turn out

petey waiting in anticipation to see how the rolls turn out


let’s take a little trip down caley’s memory lane: when i was growing up, my mom almost always made cinnamon rolls every year for breakfast on thanksgiving. we would wake up and get going on decorating the christmas tree. while my dad perfected the lights, my mom had the rolls in the oven and got working on prepping the turkey to go in right after. my sisters and i watched my dad with the lights and the parade on the tv. once the lights were just right, it was our turn to start putting our ornaments up! dad joined mom in the kitchen for a bit, while the three of us picked out all of our favorites one by one and hung them on the tree. it’s because of these memories that has made thanksgiving my favorite holiday of the year.

a lot has changed since those memories i just described. but i’m learning how to make my own memories. i’m also trying really hard not to dwell on the past, making myself sad that things in my family are so different now. instead, i’m thinking and focusing on all of the traditions and memories cian and i can build together from now on. i came across this article on the “advice from a 20 something” blog that resonated with me instantly. everything in that post hit the nail on the head in terms of how i’ve been feeling around the holidays over the past few years. i’m realizing - somehow for the first time - that cian, petey and i are our own little family now. these were the thoughts that were buzzing around my mind this thanksgiving as cian was at work, and i was sipping on a glass of wine watching the grinch cozied up with petey. now, i know this sounds a little sad, and i’ll admit i was a little down for part of the day. but i really am excited about the fact that i can make every holiday exactly what i want it to be, in my own way.

soooo, back to the cinnamon rolls! i was quite nervous to make them actually, because i had never made a dough from scratch before. what if they didn’t rise and get fluffy? they’ll be so disappointing and then what are we going to have for thanksgiving breakfast?! all i could do was give it my best shot, and they ended up turning out great! we enjoyed them with some organic chicken breakfast sausages, almond milk egg nog, and hot coffee. the rest of the day was spent simply enjoying our time together, relaxing, and wishing our friends and family a very happy thanksgiving.


it’s hard to believe that christmas is now right around the corner! cian and i started our shopping this past weekend, and i have my company holiday party to look forward to this week :) happy holidays everyone!

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