a few of my favorite presents

christmas has come and gone, and 2018 is coming to it's end! i had little to no idea what gifts i would be receiving this year because i didn’t give anyone any ideas for what i wanted. or, if i had given someone a hint, i completely forgot what it was. so i was very excited to open them!

i am extremely grateful, thankful, and lucky to have the family that i do and how generous they all are. i was completely spoiled this year, and i just can’t explain how thankful i am for everything that i received. obviously, christmas is about much more than the gifts we get, but i think it’s also a big part of the gathering that we all do as families. this year, one of my nephews was old enough to know what the holiday was about, so it was so much fun watching him open his gifts and the pure joy and happiness that i saw on his face was amazing.

again, i can’t believe all of the great gifts i received this year and i’m so excited to use them all! here are a few of my favorites:

this camera lens! this gift was given by my uncle jim. now, usually, my aunts and uncles either don’t give us older “kids” a gift, or it’s something very small like a gift card to starbucks (which i welcome with open arms). so when my cousin handed me this long and heavy mysterious gift i was quite surprised. then i started to open it and i couldn’t believe it. the last time i saw my uncle around thanksgiving, he had talked to me about letting me borrow one of his lenses because i’ve been wanting to purchase a new one. he said he would bring it to christmas eve. so after i opened the lens, i said: “this is to borrow, right?!” and he said “nope, it’s for you to have” - i almost started crying!


an essential oil diffuser. this gift i had actually asked for. cian’s mom has a few in their house and all of the rooms just smell so lovely and i think they add such a cozy element to a room. i had forgotten that i asked for it, so i was super happy when i opened it. the minute we got home to cambridge (okay, the next morning) i set it up in our room. it lights up in a bunch of different colors, but i have just been keeping it on white.


a keurig! to be honest, i haven’t been the biggest fan of keurig since being spoiled by all of the great coffee shops here in boston and cambridge. my sisters and mom all have one, and when i make a cup of coffee at their houses, i always think the coffee is too weak. so when i opened this gift, i knew it was given with anticipation and excitement, and i really was genuinely excited about it. but also felt bad because in the back of my mind i was thinking, do i really want this? the other issue was counter space. it’s pretty non-existent in our kitchen these days. but when we got back home, i moved some things around and made it work. it’s a kcompact so it really doesn’t take up too much room which i love. and to hopefully solve the weak coffee situation, i’m going to buy dark roast pods from trader joe’s and whole foods. it really is a great gift and i’m going to give it a try! especially because keurig makes coffee so quick and convenient which will help me get out the door in the mornings much smoother!


this bar cart! i’ve been wanting a bar cart for a while, mostly because i just love the extra touch one puts on a room. so when i opened this gift from my mom, i was so excited and immediately started planning out what i would put on it and where it would go. i think it looks perfect in this little corner of our living room!


now, i love each and every single one of the gifts i received, these are just a few of my extra special ones that i was very eager to use and enjoy. my number one gift was from cian though, which i’ll share in a separate blog post soon! i hope each and every one of you had an amazing holiday filled with family, love, and laughter. what were some of your favorite gifts or parts of your holiday? share in the comments below!

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