a cambridge christmas


can you believe there’s less than 10 days until christmas? i sure can’t! i’ve been trying very hard to slow down each and every day to enjoy the holiday season, because in years past, it always seemed as though thanksgiving would come and go and then within a week christmas had arrived. so far, i’ve done pretty well with the whole slowing down thing, which i’m really proud myself for because it’s extremely hard for me to do so!

i wanted to share a few pictures (okay, actually there’s a lot) of how we decorated our cozy apartment space this year. the decorations are minimal, but i think it’s the perfect amount in such a tiny living space. there are definitely a few things i would like to add, especially if we end up staying here depending on where cian gets into med school. one that i will make sure happens is putting lit garland all the way down the spiral staircase! i just think it would look so so pretty. we’ll see if it actually happens!

until then, i will soak up every little decoration we do have and burn multiple candles in each room so that a cloud of balsam tingles your nose as soon as you walk in.

i’m heading back to western mass on saturday to being the christmas celebrations early. we’ll be having christmas with mom on sunday before she jets off to cancun for the holiday!

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