a frigid start to winter

a few weeks ago, the new england area was hit with a "winter hurricane" that left boston deserted and covered with over a foot of snow. i got to work from home that day, so i stayed in my pajamas, lit some candles, fired up my computer and watched the snow fall in a beautiful frenzy. 

not only was the snow and wind crazy, but the temperatures were brutal. for almost a week straight, we were having to endure single digits, and negative wind chills on our commutes. it wasn't until the weekend after the storm that temperatures went back to their normal 20s and 30s. just in time for our heat to break down on us!


the sunday after the storm (january 7th) we got a knock on our door around noon asking if the heat was working in our apartment. we hadn't noticed anything unusual, so we said yes. but we learned that 2 other units in the building were having issues, so the building manager said he would have someone come check it out and see what the problem was. 

cian and i went about our sunday and went out for a few hours. when we got back, our roommate jeff thought that it felt a little cold in our apartment. after about an hour of being home, i could definitely tell that the temperature was dropping. cian tried the hot water in the kitchen and had no luck. by the time we were ready to go to bed it was very chilly in our apartment and we had to put extra blankets on the bed and layers on our bodies. the building manager knew there was an issue, so i wasn't too worried about it.


i figured everything would be fixed by the end of the day on monday, but that was not the case - not even close. the entire heating unit kicked the bucket and needed to be replaced. things like this were happening all over the city, so we were told that it was going to take over a week to fix. in the mean time, our home was uninhabitable so we had to go elsewhere. luckily, cian's brother shane and his girlfriend tina live right down the road from us, and were generous enough to take us in! 

as hard as it was to be living out of a bag for almost two weeks, it was so nice to spend all of that time with shane and tina. it was actually a lot of fun! i'm so incredibly thankful for them and all that they did for us.

we officially moved back into our apartment on friday (jan 19th) and it felt so good to be home! unfortunately, the place was a mess because a few pipes cracked, letting water into some of our rooms. i kept telling myself to be thankful that we're finally home instead of focusing on the mess and having to throw all of our food and rugs out. and that's what i did! cian helped me clean up and we were back to our usual routine first thing saturday morning :)



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