a new (and final) semester

september has already come and gone, and my FINAL semester of graduate school is flying by too! as i walked to class wednesday september 6th, i was filled with [unexpected] excitment. i couldn't believe that it was my last first day of school and in a few short months, i will have my second degree - an MBA! 

autumn is my absolute favorite time of the year, and it always has been. september through november are full of perfect weather, beauty, change, and excitement. it's the start of football season, soccer season, the holiday season, and of course my birthday :). the air becomes crisp and the leaves transform into their magnificent yellows, reds, and ambers - perfect for picture taking. 

this autumn is also full of so many things for me to look forward to: new classes to learn from and people to work with; another anniversary with cian; birthdays of friends and family; thanksgiving (my favorite holiday); my new nephew! and graduation. these are just the things that i am aware of for my future, and i am so excited for any surprises that come my way! 

i am so ready for this new season, confident in where i am and where i'm headed - and i can't wait to share everything along the way!

Caley McCaslin