a christmas in cambridge

this year is cian and i's 2nd christmas living together, and i was determined to make the apartment cozy and festive. every year before was hard to decorate and commit to because all of my apartments were temporary. this is the first time since leaving my parents that i've lived under the same roof for more than a year!

one of my favorite holiday traditions is picking out a christmas tree. growing up, we actually had a fake tree up until about eight years ago when my dad decided to start getting a real tree. ever since then, i've decided that i will never have a fake tree ever again. cian doesn't agree with me on this one because of the mess and hassle of going out to get one - but i was persistent and said i would clean up after and take care of it all by myself :)

our roommate jeff's girlfriend andrea's family (sorry, that's a little confusing) has a christmas tree farm here in massachusetts, so they actually went out and picked the perfect little tree for our apartment! even though i wasn't there to pick it out myself, i was so excited that we were actually getting a real tree to make our home feel festive. 

i already went to target before we even got our tree and picked out a stand and a skirt, and set it up the night before! the second the tree was in the apartment, i got to work on getting it in the stand. i strung some big globe lights and "bubbler" lights on it, then scattered the few ornaments that i picked out of the giant box from my mom's house. i only brought my favorites back with me, so the tree is a little scarce. but i'm excited to collect our own ornaments from year to year! i love how old-fashioned some of the ones i brought from home are. every one reminds me of my childhood, which makes my heart so full and happy.

001 copy.jpg
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as for the rest of the apartment, the decorations are slim, but they're enough to add a little christmas touch without going too crazy in our tiny space. i do have a candle in each room (this one is my favorite at the moment) that i burn daily to bring some holiday cheer, and those alone make the whole place feel more cozy and christmas-y. 

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it's been an adjustment starting new traditions and being on my own, but i'm proud of where we are and am in love with our christmas apartment this year! i can't wait to look back and see how far i've come next year :) 

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