a thanksgiving in cambridge

thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday. it still feels and looks like fall, and kicks off the holiday season. i love that it brings families and friends together, no matter how busy or far they may be. the food is the best too! there isn't a single thanksgiving food that isn't on my plate (unless i can't fit it and have to go back for seconds). 

this year was not the thanksgiving i'm used to because cian had to work from 3:00pm - 11:30pm so we didn't drive to agawam to spend it with our families like we have every other year before. at first i was definitely a little sad because i cherish traditions and couldn't imagine a thanksgiving away from my family. but as i thought more about it, i decided it was time to take a crack at cooking my first thanksgiving dinner for cian and i. it was time to start our own traditions, just like we did for halloween! also, i was unfortunately too busy and got caught up in all of the cooking that i didn't snap as many pictures as i would have liked :(

cian cooking away in the background. he made stuffing and a french apple tart. both were super yummy

cian cooking away in the background. he made stuffing and a french apple tart. both were super yummy

anyway, i invited cian's brother shane, and his girlfriend tina to come over and enjoy our first thanksgiving in cambridge and was up bright and early at 7:00am. i hadn't planned on waking up that early, but clearly was too excited to sleep in any later! i tidied up the apartment and got right to work on setting the table. 

once cian was awake, we enjoyed coffee, tea and danish kringle from trader joe's before starting to cook our thanksgiving meal. i was in charge of what we were eating that afternoon, while cian was in charge of cooking a few things to bring to work later that evening. the hospital decided to have a thanksgiving potluck for everyone who couldn't be with their families - such a good idea!


i was incredibly proud of myself because the food came out really yummy! for a first-timer i think i did a very good job. now, i didn't go all out and cook everything that my family usually does, but i did make the basics, and am excited to do it again next year! 

for dessert, we devoured an apple pie that was actually given to me by the ceo of the company i work at. she gives every employee a free pie (choice of pecan, pumpkin, apple, or ricotta) which i think is so special coming from the ceo! i was also thankful to not have to bake a pie on top of all of the other food - and the one we ate was delicious!

so here's to new traditions, a table to gather around, the ability to cook yummy food for the ones i love, and to special memories that will last forever. 

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