a small set-back

i was supposed to be running my first half marathon today. as i’m writing this post, i should have been a little more than a half hour into it. but, unfortunately, i injured my hip flexor about a month ago. if you had asked me a week ago if i was was still planning to run in the race, i would have told you yes. after everything i’ve been through with my knee though, i decided to be smart about it, listen to my body, and not run the half marathon.


this was not an easy decision to make. i’ve been wanting to run a half marathon for so long now, and it’s been a major goal of mine to finish one before i turn 26 in october. my training was going so well - i felt like i was back in my college soccer days i was in such good shape. i pushed through the first signs of pain and kept crushing my miles. but with each run, the pain got worse and worse until i had no choice but to stop and take a break. this kind of injury happened to me a few years ago and i had to go to physical therapy for it. so this time, i knew what i needed to do.


as women, we need to take extra better care of our hips and knees, especially as athletes. women’s bodies are just weaker in these areas; it’s a natural part of our anatomy. the reason i injured my hip flexor is because i neglected to keep up with strength training - all i was doing for the most part was going on runs to increase my endurance and keep pace. but that resulted in one repetitive motion, and over-use. my glutes and lateral muscle groups became weaker because i wasn’t keeping them strong. so the PT exercises i knew i needed to do involved strengthening my glute, hip, quad, and hamstring muscles (along with others) using resistance bands. back to the gym i went, but unfortunately, i’m still feeling pain today and it’s been a whole month since i stopped running.


it’s very hard for me to not be upset and frustrated that i had to back out of my first half marathon, especially because i was so confident that i was going to do so well. but at the end of the day, staying healthy is the most important thing. there will be another half marathon waiting for me once i’m strong enough to start running again. until then, i’m going to work hard to get that strength back in a healthy way and focus on that. the reality is, i’m not a college athlete anymore and my body has taken a beating from those years. i need to be smarter about my training and not push the limits the way i used to or else i’m going to need another surgery! no one wants that.


to my best friends matt and sam who are currently running the half marathon right now - you guys are amazing, and i can’t wait to hear how well you did. i’m cheering for you from cambridge!

and for those of you who have been struggling with an injury, or another reason that is hindering your ability to exercise and move your body, know that it is okay. health is about so much more, and the best you can do is listen to your body and care for it - there’s endless ways to do so! you just have to get a little creative sometimes.

Caley McCaslinComment