a final update: winter blues push through

and that’s a wrap! it’s been 4 weeks since dani and i started this #winterbluespushthru series on our blogs and instagram accounts and i am really so glad that we did it. i think we both did a really great job of sticking to our goals, keeping each other accountable, and motivating one another to push ourselves. i do have to admit, though, that this past week was another struggle to get up and move every day. but for good reason!


i started my new job on monday, so it was my first week. and i traveled to chicago on tuesday night, was there for the whole day on wednesday for training, and we didn’t get back into boston until 1:00am on thursday morning. so tuesday and wednesday were not my most active days of the week, but i am verrrrry proud of myself for pushing to run 6 miles on thursday! i’m not sure where the energy came from, but i was so happy that my body felt good enough to do it. but the fatigue definitely caught up to me on friday when i woke up. instead of going to yoga, i hit the snooze button and honestly, that’s exactly what i needed. long story short, i moved my body 4 out of the seven days this week. as i mentioned in a previous post, i always strive for about 5 days a week. but again, i’m giving myself a pass because i had such a busy week last week and still managed to get 4 good days in. i’ll take it!


anyway, this little series really helped get me in a really good spot with my marathon training and i had a lot of fun doing it! i plan on continuing to share my training journey over the next few weeks as the race gets closer, and i would love any support and extra motivation i can get! fingers crossed, but i think we’ve officially pushed through the last of the winter weeks and consistent spring weather is here to stay! thank you to everyone who engaged with dani and i throughout this past month, and i truly hope we helped motivate some of you as well to get your body moving, improve your overall mindset, and find a little sunshine in those gloomy winter march days.

have a fantastic week!!

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