a winter blues challenge


i don’t know about all of you, but my best friend dani and i can confidently say that we both have been feelin’ the winter blues lately as we say goodbye to february and hello to march. dani recently wrote a post around this topic and it gave us an idea. we both love to get out and about in some way shape or form as it helps us to clear our minds, make our bodies feel good, and when we have the ability to do it together, we just have the best time ever! SO, we want to invite you all to join us in a little wellness “challenge” to all get our bodies moving, connect with each other all a little more, and have fun doing it. our hope is that we can push through these winter blues over the next few weeks and welcome spring with open arms and a fresh perspective. we’ll all share weekly updates with each other so we can start conversations, get to know one another a little better, and motivate ourselves to improve our overall wellness!

tomorrow will start day one of week one of this journey. here’s what to do:

  • move your body in some way shape or form (i.e. walking, running, yoga, stretching, workout classes, biking, etc.) as often as you can during the week. try to push yourself out of your usual routine - your body will thank you later! but we do understand that everyone’s schedules and enthusiasm about exercise are different. and that’s totally fine! dani and i will do our best to give you all creative ideas to help spark motivation when those winter blues might be hitting extra hard.

  • track your progress with a fitness tracker (i.e. fitbit, apple watch, GPS watch, etc.). dani and i both have apple watches and are going to use these to share updates with you all every sunday. totally fine if you don’t have one! this is meant to be more about cheering ourselves up when we feel “slumpy” and clearing our minds. this is not a fitness goal.

  • formal weekly updates will be shared every sunday on our blogs (the minty pink and caleynoble) as well as our instagram pages and stories. use the hashtag #winterbluespushthru in your posts on instagram and tag us both - @danimurd and @caley.noble so we can all connect on our winter blues push thru journeys!

  • at the end of the month, dan and i will share our favorite moments from the month and reflect on our own experiences. we promise to be open and honest on whether or not this actually helped us push through our winter blues.


i hope this sparks a little bit of joy and motivation for some of you, especially if you live somewhere that’s very cold, snowy, and gray this time of year. we’re both so excited to start this up because we are extremely eager for spring to arrive, but know that’s still at least a month away. there’s even a snow storm coming our way tonight into tomorrow - yuck!


make sure to follow us both on instagram for updates on our progress throughout the week on our stories and check back in next sunday for our first official update!

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