a week 3 update: winter blues push through

week 3 is in the books! it’s funny, because dani wrote in her post today about how this past week didn’t go so great for her in terms of getting up and moving and feeling motivated the way she had been the first two weeks of this series. funny enough, my week wasn’t the best either. i decided to take the whole week off before starting my new job tomorrow, and i’m so happy i did. i was able to go to western mass to spend time with family and catch up with friends - including dani! but i have to admit, it threw me off. i packed my sneakers with every intention to go on runs while i was there. i managed to do one run, but that’s it. which isn’t the end of the world because i spent my time with family, even those i don’t typically see when i’m only home for a few days. so i’m happy that i was able to do that. but, considering i’m training for a half marathon, the fact that i didn’t keep up with my usual activity was nagging in the back of my mind.


the biggest impact for me this past week though was a weird stomach thing that i came down with late wednesday night, into thursday. i had met a friend who i hadn’t seen in close to ten years for dinner and we had the best time. we both ordered the scallops with risotto which was so so yummy at the time. but boy oh boy did my tummy get upset from it. at first, i thought i might have had food poisoning, that’s how bad the stomach pains were. but i never got sick, so i think the real reason was that the risotto was so rich and creamy, that my stomach just couldn’t take it. because i’m not used to eating rich foods like that. it also was the cherry on top of the few days i spent at my sister’s where the food in her house is just very different from what i’m used to eating - and i ended up eating out a lot. normally, it’s not an issue and i don’t think twice about eating a little outside of my “routine” but i think because i was there longer than i usually am, it just added up. and nothing in her house is even that bad - but compared to my day-to-day diet here in cambridge, i think my body just had enough.


this has made me reflect a lot over the past couple of days since i’ve been back home in cambridge. the stomach issues lasted all the way through yesterday. and there are two questions on my mind: am i too restrictive with my diet that a few days of eating outside of it make me really sick? or does this simply mean i need to be better about listening to my body and really make the effort to continue taking care of it and nourishing it with the foods i love and know make me feel good? honestly, i don’t know what the answer is. all i know is that i hated how horrible i felt the past few days and that it hindered my motivation and ability to get some exercise in. i think i moved only 3 out of the 7 days, where i have been trying to keep up with at least 5 days. now, i know i didn’t feel well and it was the right decision to rest. but i gotta tell ya how happy i was to wake up hungry today and feeling like myself again.

so much so, that i made some simple mills banana bread muffins for breakfast and went for a 5 mile run outside along the charles. it was supposed to be a 7 mile run, but because i need to learn how to pace myself, i got too tired too early on that i couldn’t make it the whole 7. but i think it was also my body telling me that i need to ease back into it since i haven’t been able to put too much food into my system since wednesday. anyhoo, this post has turned into a novel, so i will end it wishing everyone a fantastic week - it finally looks like spring is here to stay! let’s push through this last week of march and “winter” and be proud of where we are today and where we can push ourselves in the future!

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