a week 2 update: winter blues push through

i know i’m a day late in posting, but this past week and weekend got a way from me! i hope you all had a fun and safe st. patrick’s day and weekend. cian’s dad came to boston late friday night and we went to the celtics on saturday, then out to a big irish breakfast yesterday morning while an irish band played some traditional music up on stage! we normally don’t do too much for the holiday, but we had a lot of fun and it’s always great to spend some time with his dad when he comes to visit.

now, to get to the real topic of this post - an update on our #winterbluespushthrough series! big shoutout to dani because she closed all of her rings on her apple watch 6 days this past week and was walking outside even in the cold. so proud of her! and she helped motivate me to get outside more instead of being a baby and just going to the gym to get my movement in. this has been so much fun for me to check in with each other and i love that we’re both actually sticking to it and seeing improvements in our mood, and physical goals! i’m officially in the best shape i’ve been in since quite a few years and i am super proud of myself and excited to see how much more i can improve.

the weather has slowly started to get better - more sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures, which always makes us new englanders feel like spring and summer are right around the corner, even if it’s only 50 degrees. that feels like a gosh darn beach day to us the first few times because we’ve been braving temperatures in the teens and low twenties the past few weeks!!

i was able to get two long runs in outside last week and have kept up with my distance and pace which i’m super happy about. i actually pulled the trigger and registered for a half marathon in may! i know i previously wrote in this post that i was going to wait until september, but my friend matt sent me some info about a race that his girlfriend sam is running in out in the berkshires and i didn’t even hesitate. i literally went right to the website and registered within two minutes. ever since then, i have been super determined and motivated to stick to my training.

i haven’t felt this good in a long time, physically, which has helped my confidence, and overall mental wellness improve significantly. thank you to dani for keeping me accountable to post and update about my movement, and i’m excited to see what the next few weeks bring!

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