a week 1 update: winter blues push through

it’s been one whole week since my bestie dani (@danimurd / the minty pink) and i kicked off our #winterbluespushthru series where we’ve been holding each other accountable for moving our bodies to clear our minds and break through these winter blues that we’ve been feeling the past few weeks.


now, when it comes to moving our bodies, dani and i have very different perspectives on what that means to each of us. which is why i love that we’re doing this with each other because it doesn’t matter if i ran a certain amount of miles one day, and dani walked through her town when she got home from a full day of work - we both have been doing such a great job of getting our butts moving! although i’m typically pretty good at motivating myself, having another person to hold myself accountable has made it even easier. and more enjoyable too! i’ve loved sharing my movement each day and seeing what dani is doing on the same day.


we both did a very good job this entire week and i think each of us closed all of our rings on our apple watches at least three days this week!! this is definitely the most active i’ve been so far this year and i honestly feel so amazing. for me, exercise is such a great way for me to release so many feelings, stressors and everything else going on in my mind that may be weighing on me. and i’m also very goal-driven, so having this series/challenge in the back of my mind every day has really helped me to get up every morning and head to the gym before work because i know how great i will feel after. this past week was pretty brutal weather-wise. it was so cold and gloomy! but my girl dani got herself outside (way more than i did, i hid in the gym!) so major props to her.

i’ve had a pretty stressful week at work because i actually gave my notice on monday and will be starting a new job on the 25th. it’s a very exciting opportunity that i feel really good about, but i had to have some pretty tough conversations with my co-workers which put a bit of stress and anxiety on my radar. but i stuck to my runs and workouts and it made all the difference in the world. i noticed i slept better, was more productive, and confident in myself. week one has been a strong start and i intend on keeping it up!!


what i’m most excited about for the rest of this series and this month is the possibility of the weather gradually improving, making it even easier and more enjoyable to get outside for some fresh air, exercise and a form of meditation. but today’s weather has me wanting to do nothing but cozy up in my bed and watch some netflix. so that’s exactly what i’ve been doing all day - bowl of cereal in hand lol! obviously, the main focus of this series has been to use exercise and movement as a way to clear our minds, re-focus, and re-fresh, but taking the time to slow down and relax is just as important if that’s what your body is telling you that’s what it needs. i went on my longest and fastest run yesterday, so i’m rewarding myself with rest and relaxation!


i hope you’re all having an amazing sunday and let’s all get ready to have a killer week this week! i’m going to get right back to exercise bright and early tomorrow, and i’m so excited to keep this journey going and watch how it transforms my perspective and overall wellness. but for right now, i think i’m going to go take a quick nap to get that lost hour back.!

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