a wellness update: half marathon prep


running a half marathon. running a full marathon. two major goals of mine that have been on my list of things to do for many many years. for a while, i wasn’t interested in running a half, i just wanted to go for the big kahuna and run the boston marathon for a non-profit. i’ve been wanting to do this since i was probably 16, but i also knew how hard something of this magnitude would be on my body, and especially at such a young age, there’s quite a few risks involved. so i decided to wait a few years until i was at least 21. but then i tore my ACL a month before my 21st birthday, pushing off marathon training another year. no big deal, i focused on getting better and back to 100%. which is exactly what i did, and the following year when i turned 22, i started to train in november for the boston marathon. but then i found out how much money i had to raise to run it and as a senior in college, i just simply did not have the time, support, or resources to fund raise that much within a few months. well, here i am at 25 and i’ve finally come to terms that i should probably tackle a half marathon first.

cian and our friend jeff ran the ipswich half marathon last april, and ever since then i knew i wanted to finish one too. i hated waiting to watch them cross the finish line. all i wanted to do was cross it with them. so right then and there i decided i was going to do one. at this point, i was still having knee issues that limited me quite a bit in the running department, so i couldn’t register for a race and start training until those issues were resolved. great news is, my knee is as good as new now that i’ve been on my medication since last may! when my birthday came along in october, i made my list of all of the goals i wanted to achieve in helping me have my healthiest year yet - and completing a half marathon was at the top.


so which one am i going to run? well, before i started looking i knew 3 things for sure: 1. the run needs to be in massachusetts simply because it will be convenient to get to, 2. i want to run on a course with great views to keep me motivated and 3. i wanted to run it in may. i know may is very specific, but i personally think that late spring-early summer is the best running weather. so i did some digging and found the martha’s vinyard half on may 18th and got so excited because it most definitely would check off my great views requirement. the only catch was the price of registering, on top of making a weekend out of the race. although still in massachusetts, you have to take a ferry to get to martha’s vinyard which is on the pricey side, and i would rather spend the whole weekend to get the most out of the trip and get the full experience/explore the island. unfortunately money is just too tight right now, so i’ve recently decided not to register for this one.


i’m pretty bummed about it because there aren’t any other races happening in may/june in massachusetts that i’m interested in. so it’s looking like i’m going to end up doing the hyannis half in september, which is also a month full of great running weather (usually). this doesn’t mean i’m going to postpone my training though. i was so fired up for the martha’s vinyard one that i started training right at the beginning of this year. things were going great until the perfect storm hit: i came down with a nasty cold that lingered for 2 weeks, and then a pipe burst at my gym the week i was ready to get back to it. so, i haven’t been able to get to the gym as consistently as i would like to because my gym still isn’t open. i’ve been having to set extra time aside to get to one of the affiliate gyms which has been really tough to accomplish during the week with work.

sooo, training has been a little all over the place, making me thankful that i no longer need to be ready for may. but i think i’ve figured out the best gym to get to during the week so that i can be consistent again with my runs. i am extremely out of shape at the moment due to the inconsistency of the past month being sick and the pipe bursting, but i’m starting. that’s the hardest thing to do when getting back in shape, so i’m proud of myself for just simply starting.

this is the first post of many on the half marathon prep, so i will definitely be back with another update post in the next month or so!!

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