a year of limited spending

i wasn’t planning on writing a post about my new years resolutions, goals, intentions - whatever you want to call them. it seems like that’s all everyone has been talking about the past few weeks. but the more i thought about it, i think a big reason why so many people share theirs is to have some support. and i decided to get on board with that because my goal/intention for this year is an extremely ambitious one. i have a few smaller goals for the year but this main one takes the cake.


when i turned 25 in october, i told myself that i wanted it to be my healthiest year ever - physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially. with a big emphasis on the financial part. idk about the rest of you in your mid-twenties, but i can’t remember the last time i didn’t have to worry about money. maybe when i was a freshman in high school?! i really don’t know. but as i turned 25, it hit me hard that i am so tired of being stressed out about money. so i sat down to get to the bottom of where the money that i had left over after bills was being spent. i learned a lot about my spending habits and realized that a big chunk of the stress and pressure i was feeling was self-induced. definitely not all - my student loans are insanely high which is crippling me. but i could absolutely make some lifestyle changes that would help me keep some money in my pocket. i had money saved up but this debt is catching up to me. i haven’t made a single late payment, but i found myself using my credit card way more than i had ever intended to and dipping into that savings account. we were heading into the holiday season and i told myself i would figure everything out after the holidays. i had a rough plan in place, and then i read jess ann kirby’s ‘click. read. love’ post on the friday before christmas. one of her links read: “Meg wrote a post about not buying anything new for a year. I am impressed, and inspired. It’s made me think about my own 2019 spending.”


that caught my attention, so i clicked on the link and headed over to meg’s blog post to see what it was all about. after reading through, i decided to do the same thing. so, my main goal/intention/resolution for 2019 is to not buy anything new for myself for the entire year. yup, you read that right. now, i know there are probably a lot of questions like “caley, how can you not buy a single thing for yourself - what if you need more toilet paper, or shampoo, etc.” that’s a valid question, and one i had before reading the post. now she set some rules, and i’m going to follow them almost 100%. the following guidelines come straight from meg’s post:

  • no purchasing clothes, shoes, or accessories

  • i can replace items if absolutely necessary (i.e. underwear, socks, toiletries, makeup)

    • caveat: i can only replace an item once i have used it up completely. i used to buy a new bottle of shampoo when i still had half of one left just because i found myself at target and grabbed a bottle, thinking i would need it eventually

  • i’m not even going to buy anything for the home. this is a big one, because i love love love anything home and interior. this was something i had in my plan prior to reading meg’s post because i picked up on the fact that i spent too much money in this category when i sat down to evaluate my spending

my own rules that i came up with:

  • no purchasing clothes, shoes or accessories even for a new season. i don’t care if i think i need a new pair of shorts or a dress for a nice summer stroll around the city. i’m not going to do it because i really don’t need it

my rationale for taking on a goal of this magnitude: i will form better spending habits; i will learn to really appreciate what i already have; i will simplify my life, ultimately decreasing unnecessary stressors that come out of having clutter and spending money where i shouldn’t be; i have big plans for my future that i need to save up for, starting asap; if i do decide to treat myself to something like a meal out with friends, i won’t feel guilty about it because i know it will be worthwhile, and i didn’t waste it on a sweater that looks alarmingly similar to one i already own.

to wrap things up, a big thanks to jess ann kirby for including meg’s blog post to inspire me, and an even bigger thanks to meg who has no idea who i am but has pushed me to tag along with her in this crazy journey for 2019. this post is not meant to copy megan’s whatsoever - i am simply sharing my perspective and asking anyone out there for support and encouragement in this endeavor!!

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