a fish taco kind of night

one of the hardest things for me is getting creative in the kitchen, especially when it comes to dinner. i love love love food, but i usually keep my meals very simple with an emphasis on dinner because i get home from work later than most. cian loves to look up new recipes and make something more extravagant, whereas i am more than happy to whip up something quick and easy with whatever i have on hand.

now that i've been meat-free for about 3 months, i've really gotten the hang of cooking with more veggies and fish. i'm still struggling to incorporate more protein into my diet to make up for the loss of meat, but i'm definitely eating the most fish i ever have in my life. trader joe's has an awesome selection of frozen fish to choose from that isn't too expensive. it's also super convenient. typically i'll grab some frozen mahi mahi or salmon to whip up whenever i'm in the mood for it. another great thing about these two kinds of fish is that you can cook them multiple ways that are all super yummy and this way, you won't get tired of eating it!

the other night, i wanted to switch up my normal mahi mahi cooking routine and made some fish tacos instead of just baking or pan searing it. a while back i made vegan sweet potato and black bean enchiladas, and ever since, i have been loving sweet potato in my mexican food! the grill would have made these tacos even better, but the weather didn't cooperate for me, so i had to cook inside. 

so for these tacos, i boiled a sweet potato and mashed it up with olive oil, salt and pepper. i simply pan seared the fish with olive oil, pink salt, pepper, and a little bit of blackening seasoning. also, i threw a green pepper into the mix as the fish was cooking. for the tortillas, i picked up some corn tortillas from trader joe's as well as their roasted green salsa to put on top. such a simple, healthy and quick homemade meal! and bonus - i had some leftover fish and peppers to bring for lunch the next day. win win!

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