a lifestyle change

in my last post i left off saying "fingers crossed i'm on the mend" about my journey to healing. it's not entirely true to say that things have not improved in any way, but unfortunately my knee swelled up like a balloon again within one short week. 

it was an accomplishment to make it from one doctors appointment to the next without having to go in early to get treated. i recently had my follow-up at mgh (about 2 months after the last one in february) and there was minimal swelling. leading up to that appointment, i was even exercising three days a week! it felt amazing. once the swelling started to come back, i decided to cut back on the exercise to give myself a little bit of a break. i thought the swelling would either stay the same, or go down, but it actually has gotten worse - much worse.

i was able to get in to see a doctor last week to get my knee aspirated again. all i can do moving forward is limit my physical activity (like i had been doing for the past 5 months). i have also been reading a lot about how one's diet can affect inflammation in the body, and i've decided to modify my diet even further. i'm hoping to notice whether cutting out certain foods completely makes a difference in my symptoms or not.

starting last week, i cut the following out of my diet completely (not just limiting, but excluding altogether): pasta (substituting with chickpea or lentil); bread (substituting with multi-grain); white rice (substituting with whole grains); baked goods (unless home-made with almond flour); pizza (substituting with veggie crusts); candy; ice cream; baked goods; crackers and chips; and all dairy (substituting almond milk whenever possible). i'll let myself indulge every now and again to keep my sanity, but overall, i'm going to work really hard to stick to this change. 

when it comes to carbs, i already do a pretty good job on sticking to whole grains, but every once in a while i do snack on some goldfish, or grab pizza from whole foods because it's quick and easy, and make pasta for the same reason. i know this may seem extreme, but i'm desperate to heal and am willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen! scroll down to see some pictures of this recipe from one of my favorite instagram accounts @gkstories. it was the perfect. easy meal for my new diet - and tasted amazing too! 

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