a journey to healing part iii

i couldn't believe what i had just heard from the other end of the phone. the doctor said a few more things and discussed my options moving forward. to be honest all i could think about was how did this happen? it didn't hurt that bad and i've been walking around for the past week. i hung up the phone and went to the bathroom to let tears come full force.

the period of time between that phone call and my surgery was a blur, but i do remember that it was fairly short - 2 weeks i think. typically, surgeons wait until the swelling has subsided to schedule anything, but my knee was in pretty good shape. and, my trainer knew how desperate i was to get back on the field. he worked his magic, and i was headed to surgery on october 9th, 2014. i had never had a serious injury before, let alone one that required surgery. i was pretty nervous, but kept trying to focus on getting better as soon as possible. 

the mgh team was incredible, and took such good care of me. the procedure went as well as it could have and they set me up with everything i needed post surgery. i went home with my parents for the first week because i needed a lot of care. it was kind of nice spending time at home, especially on the first day when my nerve block was still working. day 2 was a different story. once that block wore off, i was in the worst pain i had ever experienced in my entire life. no time was wasted regarding physical therapy either, so even by day 2 i had to put my leg in a machine that would bend it up and down to prevent my joints and cartilage from getting stiff. i do not want to re-live that pain and discomfort ever again. 

once i was back in boston, i started right up with physically therapy at mgh. i knew i had a long road ahead of me, but was excited to be back on my feet and headed in the right direction. everything was smooth sailing until about 4 months in...

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